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Today, data causes too many problems for benefits teams. The tip of the iceberg:
Implementations steal 100s of hours of time
Lack of plan data makes employers vulnerable to new ERISA healthcare fiduciary lawsuits
Oversharing is rampant
Hacks and data breaches are common
Getting claims-level plan data from carriers is a fight
These issues drain your time, blunt your impact, inflate your costs, and put you at risk.


Lockbox is a new data solution for benefits teams at large employers.

You can add it to your existing data warehouse or simply replace your data warehouse with it.

Lockbox provides the same functionality as data warehouses: data management, storage, and analytics.
But it also does what legacy data warehouses can’t. Lockbox solves the big, hairy data problems that are holding teams back:
Data sharing obstacles
Data stewardship hurdles
Data access struggles
Data analysis headaches
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Data Sharing Obstacles

When your data is sitting still, Lockbox gets it flowing for you.

When your plan data is in a traditional data warehouse, it stays there. You can’t share it with point solutions or anyone else. And if you can’t share data, you can’t do the innovative things that leading employers are doing, like turning point solutions on/off easily. Instead, you’re stuck with:

  • Nightmare implementations
  • Manual program work
  • Costly member data admin

Nightmare Implementations

Every implementation is a painful months-long slog for your benefits team.
You set up point solutions in weeks and skip all the hard parts.
Standing up new point solutions takes too long, costs too much, and is too hard. This is because you can’t share data with point solutions. It is stuck in your data warehouse. So, you have to rely on carriers to send data to vendors for you – a long, difficult process.​

When you use Lockbox as your data warehouse, or add Lockbox to your existing one, your data isn’t stuck anymore. Lockbox empowers your team to seamlessly share data directly with an unlimited number of authorized vendors – no carrier involvement required. Plus, we take the messy data portion of implementations off your plate so you can focus on more important things.
  • Implementations take weeks, not months
  • Point solutions start sooner, make quicker impact
  • Teams are more productive when freed from data work

Manual Program Work

Many programs require a lot of paper pushing.
You automate programs so they virtually run themselves.
Say you want to implement an incentives program in which diabetic employees are paid every time they log exercise in a health app. To run that program, you need to get incentive activity data from the app vendor and send it to your external or internal partners so they can pay out timely incentives. A lot of innovative programs need data to move back and forth like this to work. If your staff has to do it manually, it drains their time unnecessarily and introduces errors into the process.

Abett solves this by automating the back-and-forth intake and delivery of data feeds to people and systems  – no manual steps required.
  • You can automate programs, saving team time and reducing errors
  • You have the bandwidth to run more programs simultaneously

Costly Member Data Admin

You’re paying your benefits admin a lot to send error-filled eligibility files to point solutions.
You send cleaned-up eligibility files for $0.
The business of benefits administration is deeply flawed. Costs for employers are sky high and their satisfaction with benefits admin vendors is low. Did you know that one of the biggest costs  is the administration of member data? Many  employers are paying benefits admins tens of thousands of dollars to simply send eligibility files to point solutions. And the files are often riddled with errors.

Lockbox solves this by sharing eligibility data for you and handling the messy data cleanup at no cost. That way, you don’t need to use a benefits admin for anything other than member enrollment and support and you can renegotiate rates, saving on costs, and minimizing your relationship in the process.
  • Tens of thousands of dollars in cost savings
  • Data errors significantly reduced or eliminated
  • Relationship with benefits admin vendor is minimized

Data Stewardship Hurdles

When you are vulnerable, Lockbox gives you armor.

Today, many benefits teams are in the crosshairs of auditors and lawyers because they are not truly in control of plan data. They risk legal liability and unwanted press coverage because of:

  • Frequent oversharing
  • Fiduciary responsibility breaches

Frequent Oversharing

You overshare employee data with point solutions.
You don’t overshare anymore because you can easily filter unnecessary data.
Today, when you stand up a new point solution, far too much employee data is shared with them. This is because there's no simple way to filter out all unnecessary data so that point solutions only receive what's essential to provide care. Unfortunately, in the increasingly likely event of a data breach, this oversharing can come back to haunt you in the form of a class-action lawsuit brought by employees angry their personal information has been compromised.

Lockbox solves this by give you the ability to stipulate the data each point solution should and should not have. In this way, you can easily filter out unnecessary data and put a stop to oversharing.
  • You control what data is shared
  • Oversharing is eliminated
  • Legal liability is reduced

Fiduciary Responsibility Breaches

You may not be meeting your fiduciary responsibility to obtain plan data.
You have your plan data and are less vulnerable to lawsuits and audits.
Under ERISA, it’s your responsibility to obtain your claims data in order to fulfill your fiduciary responsibility to manage benefits responsibly for employees. But today your data is with carriers and in a data warehouse. This puts you at risk when lawsuits and gov’t audits come around – like they did over retirement/pensions.

Abett solves this by first obtaining all of your benefits plan data from your carriers and providers for you. Then giving you unfettered access to it.
  • You have all your data
  • You are back in compliance
  • Risk is reduced

Data Access Struggles

When you don’t have transparency, Lockbox pulls back the curtain for you.

Few employers have full access to their data today. This is because crucial claims data – like financial and provider data together – is still held by carriers. While you are legally entitled (and obligated) to access this data, carriers are reluctant to proactively provide it, causing a: 

  • Lack of transparency

Lack of Transparency

You’re missing out on insights because you’re missing critical data.
You find hidden improvements that are otherwise invisible.
The more data you have, the more insights you can find to improve programs and optimize costs. However, benefits teams do not have basic data —who the provider was, what was done, and what the cost was for every claim.

Abett solves this by empowering you to obtain 100% of your claims-level data. Then, Lockbox stores your data and provides you unfettered access to it for analysis and beyond.
  • You identify more cost saving opportunities
  • You find insights that help you better evaluate and manage programs
  • You see patterns in the data that alert you to issues before they balloon out of control

Data Analysis Headaches

When getting insights is a pain, Abett makes it easy.

The way benefits teams get insight from their data is improving all the time. Yet there is still a lot left to be desired. Common problems include:

  • Hard-to-find answers
  • Inaccessible expertise

Hard-to-Find Answers

Your team needs quick answers to the everyday benefits questions that arise.
Your team can finally get the insight they need quickly and easily.
Data warehouses provide some analytics. But many teams have trouble using those tools to answer the basic questions that come up, like “how many employees are pregnant?" and "what % are using a maternity point solution?" ​This is because these tools are clunky. Or they constrain the kinds of questions you can answer by keeping data sets siloed.

Lockbox solves this by integrating your data into the most user-friendly enterprise analytics tools available — Power BI, Tableau, and more — so looking at your data and finding answers to questions is quick and easy. What’s more, Lockbox is the only data solution that lets you search your entire data set as a whole. Result? The only limit to the questions you can answer is the data you have.
  • Your team, and their work, is data-driven

Inaccessible Expertise

It’s too hard to get answers to your biggest and most complex questions.
You’ve got the best and brightest HEOR team at your fingertips.
The biggest and most important questions benefits teams have about how to optimize outcomes and costs for their employee populations require the best economic and healthcare minds working together. For example, how can employers actually make value-based care a reality? 

Unfortunately, using consultants for this purpose is prohibitively expensive and the big questions are out of reach of their expertise.​ Abett solves this by providing expert analytics services so the best Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) expertise is a phone call away.
  • You can make big things happen


Lockbox is a new data solution that combines with — or replaces — your data warehouse. It has 3 key capabilities: data exchange, data acquisition and storage, and data analysis.

Data Exchange

A novel capability that empowers you to share data for the first time. Speed up implementations, prevent oversharing, automate programs, and more.

Data Acquisition & Storage

Help acquiring 100% of your claims-level plan data plus secure cloud storage. Gain unprecedented transparency into claims and reduce legal liability.

Data Analysis

A simpler path to more powerful insights. Choose your own tools, like Power BI, to answer questions and use expert HEOR help to optimize programs.


Lockbox is HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 certified, and loved by the Fortune 500.


Our service team is second to none: knowledgeable, thorough, and responsive.


We can get your Lockbox up and running in weeks and we do all the heavy lifting.
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