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Our healthcare data platform gives employers the control and transparency they need to manage costs and improve outcomes

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Meet the LockBox

The must have tool for modern benefits teams

The LockBox is a smart data center that makes it easy for you to control costs and improve outcomes

Secure data storage

Secure storage of your data, in one place, that you own and control

Real-time analytics

Answers from your data in real-time to monitor ROI and control costs

Easy data sharing

Easy data sharing where and when you need it, making vendor changes a breeze

"The LockBox has become a mandatory tool in how we approach healthcare benefits."

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Lee Lewis

Chief Strategy Officer,
Health Transformation Alliance

Modern benefits management made easy

We make it easy for teams to be smarter consumers of healthcare.


Secure storage of your benefits data that you own and control


Visibility into where and how your dollars are being spent


Seamless implementations that save you and your partners time


Vendor accountability ensures your people get the support they need


Cost savings come from ensuring you only work with high value partners


Client service that is second to none whenever you need support

Trusted by modern enterprises everywhere

"Abett has become a mandatory tool in how we approach healthcare benefits."
Lee Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer, Health Transformation Alliance
“We can systematically track and measure dozens of vendors. This is the control we need.”
Senior Benefits Manager,
Fortune 20 employer
"Abett is the best implementation we've ever had, and the best relationship ever."
Vice President of Benefits,
Fortune 500 employer
“Abett's customer service is second to none, and we are moving faster than we ever have before. They are a trusted extension of our team.”
Chief Technology Officer, Leading Healthcare Solution
“I could pay them 10X and it would still be worth it.”
Senior Benefits Manager,
Fortune 100 employer
“I am beyond excited you are able to make this happen so easily for us. This would have been a nightmare trying to get all of these data feeds from the vendors!”
Senior Benefits Manager,
Fortune 250 employer

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