What if data wasn't an obstacle anymore?

Abett software helps employers and digital health solutions solve their data problems and propel their businesses forward.

The Status Quo

Data is a Problem

American families deserve to have outstanding, affordable care. Why is that so hard to deliver? The key is data. Today, data is too much of an obstacle for employers and digital health solutions when it should be an asset. Case in point: implementations are months-long ordeals because sharing data is impossibly hard.

Introducing Abett

Data Solutions for a New Era

Abett provides innovative data solutions (software and services) to iconic employers and respected digital health vendors. Together, we tackle the complex data problems holding them back so we can usher in a new era of stellar outcomes, low costs, and efficient operations.

Redefining what’s possible for employers and digital health solutions

for employers

for employers

Break Through the Data

Your Blueprint for Employee Health

At Abett, we understand the unique challenges employers face. Lockbox™, our data solution for benefits teams empowers you to share, steward, access, and analyze plan data like never before. Healthier employees and bottom lines start here.​

FOR digital health solutions

For healthcare providers

Transform Data

Enhance Operations

Embrace the future of data-driven healthcare with Abett. Our platform empowers you to manage your inbound benefits data feeds easily, flexibly, efficiently. Say goodbye to manual, costly ETL processes and hello to real-time data at your fingertips.


Confidentially serving the largest employers in the U.S.

We proudly serve the most iconic brands and biggest employers – the world’s largest software companies, Fortune 10 oil companies, top telecoms, and more.

Why benefits leaders love Abett

“No one else is even thinking about doing what you all are doing.”

Fortune 10 retailer, 2.3M employees

“Working with Abett has been perfect, flawless.”

Top 100 global retailer, 50k employees

“Abett is the best implementation I’ve ever  had in my career.”

Top 3 telecom, 167K employees

“Abett’s software has become a mandatory tool. We have saved tens of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours.”

Employer cooperative, 4M employees

Let's streamline your benefits data.