Abett's Platform

Integrate data feeds across all of your HR vendors


We reduce stress by automating the integration of data from benefits vendors, insurance carriers, and point solutions.


We securely manage confidential data via modular design, microservices and role-based access implemented atop Microsoft Azure.


We provide timely information, including on healthcare expenditure and utilization, customized to your needs.

The first week

Our objectives during our first week working together

Our vision

Why do we exist?

People spend too much money to receive low-quality healthcare service. We envision a world in which people spend less money to receive more, and better, healthcare service.

How we add value?

We leverage technology to increase transparency, and to empower healthcare consumers with the power of mathematics and analytics.

What we do?

Empowering consumerism is a process. The first step is to simplify your HR network. The next step is to provide timely information, so you can better manage your expenditure.


Trust earned by delivering on our commitments

Health Rosetta
Health Rosetta accelerates the adoption of simple and practical solutions. Health Rosetta uses Abett's platfrom to provide interchange services and healthcare analytics to its members.
Point B
A leading management consultancy, Point B has a long history of partnering with emerging technology platforms that add value for Fortune 1000 companies.


Decades of experience without decades of legacy technology

Michael Hanlon

Michael Hanlon, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Hanlon was the 7th employee at Amazon.com, working there from 1995 to 2001. He was later a professor of Global Health at the University of Washington, where he developed novel strategies to analyze healthcare data for organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Puneet Nagpal

Puneet Nagpal

Chief Technical Officer

Nagpal has over twenty years of experience building healthcare solutions for companies like Microsoft, WebMD and Premera Blue Cross. His capacity to design, deliver and maintain a world-class healthcare analytics platform is unrivaled in the industry.