Your plan data, mastered.

Lockbox is the first and only platform that gives employers total control of their benefits plan data.

Reclaim their plan data

Control access to it

Analyze it with their own tools

The Basics

Who is Lockbox for?

Lockbox is for large American employers like the Fortune 500.

It’s for benefits leaders – the VP or Director of Benefits – and their teams.

Lockbox is easy for anyone to use. You don’t need tech or data expertise.

What is Lockbox?

Lockbox is new product – a data platform – with the software, security, integrations, and support employers need to control their benefits plan data.

With Lockbox you control:

  • What plan data you get from carriers and vendors
  • How often you get it
  • What vendors get your data
  • What data you share with them
  • What BI tools you use for analysis
  • What insights you get
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Why use Lockbox?

When you control your plan data, you enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Reduced legal liability
  • Better communication with finance
  • Faster implementations and POCs
  • Reduced implementation and claims costs
  • Better insights
Is Lockbox a data warehouse?

No, but you can use Lockbox instead of a data warehouse.

Both handle data, but data warehouses have these limitations:

  • They get 100% of your benefits plan data from carriers and vendors. You and finance miss out on critical insights.
  • It’s hard to send data to new vendors. Every implementation is a nightmare.
  • Security is weaker. You are more vulnerable to data breaches.
  • They can’t prevent oversharing. Non-compliance is a common occurrence.
  • Warehouses can’t integrate with your tools. You are limited to their analytics and insights.
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How does it work?


First, you tell Abett what vendors you use. Abbet obtains 100% of your plan data from your carrier and your vendors - including the data they have historically withheld – to give you the richest insights possible.


Lockbox ingests all the data feeds, fixes all errors, and converts different formats into a single standard format so the data is usable.


Lockbox employee’smerges all the data into a single unified data set. Our Universal Person ID (UPID™) technology ensures that every health data is tagged to them anonymously and their health journey stays intact across employers.


Your health data is stored inside Lockbox and protected with best-in-class security architecture and protocols.


When you want to share data with a new vendor, Lockbox makes the change for you on-demand with no carrier involvement, only a HIPAA data authorization. New implementations are complete in days.


When sharing data with vendors, you decide what data to share and hold back to prevent oversharing. And protected data, including personally-identifiable data, are deidentified before being shared.


Each vendor’s access to, and activity with, data is logged and monitored by Lockbox.


DMOD™, Lockbox’s dimensional data model feature makes it easy for you to use your own business intelligence (BI) tools to analyze your data.

Key Features


The Universal Person ID (UPID) is an anonymous identifier that makes it possible to associate all relevant health data with an individual over the course of their life.


Lockbox uses a proprietary dimensional data model (DMOD) to enable secure and compliant sharing of with business intelligence tools.


Lockbox’s Data Element Tracker (DET) monitors and logs every user’s contact and activity with data to prevent unauthorized access or modification.

Real-Time Data

Because Lockbox captures data in real time, rather than quarters old, insights are truly actionable for employers.


The FiltR feature gives employers control over what data they share with each vendor and what they withhold to prevent oversharing.


Lockbox integrates with every standard business intelligence (BI) tool – Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, SAP, Zoho, and many more.


Making the Impossible Possible

Our customers experience breakthrough results using our platform.

Average decrease in YoY PEPM expenditure



Average reduction in time to implement new vendor



Personnel hours saved annually




From getting started with your data to providing data-driven insights, we’re here to empower your success every step of the way.

Getting Started

Obtaining your data is the crucial first step for any new customer. Our dedicated team, backed by legal expertise, excels in helping employers secure 100% of their benefits plan data from carriers and vendors without expense or delay.  Then, they get you onboarded to the Lockbox platform swiftly so you can harness the benefits right from the start.

White Glove Support

We use a hands-on, personalized approach to ensure every customer’s experience is flawless. We offer a premium level of customer service and technical assistance, working closely with clients to address their specific needs, provide guidance and insight, and proactively resolve issues and challenges.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Our exceptional Health Economics and Outcomes Research team is comprised of experts who have honed their skills at organizations like the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the World Bank, and Harvard. They specialize in evaluating health plans and recommending interventions to enhance care and reduce costs.


Lockbox is fully HIPAA compliant. However, we go much further to ensure that sensitive data is protected with best-in-class security design and architecture.

HIPAA compliant and beyond

Lockbox complies with HIPAA regulations – both the HIPAA Security and Privacy rules. Abett  performs regular assessments against these compliance regulations, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and leading data security and privacy best practices. We maintain a SOC 2 Type 2 certification for the Security, Confidentiality, and Availability principles.

Cloud native design

Lockbox was architected from the ground up to follow cloud security best practices. It was built from the start to be secure storage SaaS, following modern principles of least privilege, redundancy, and security by design. Security is not a bolt-on layer; rather strong security is our first principle.

Unique features

All employer data is encrypted from the moment it reaches Lockbox. All actions taken and all access of any kind to customer data is logged. And no data is sent from Lockbox to a vendor without an authorization from the owner.

Packages & Pricing

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Starting at $20/month (USD)

Popular features

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Starting at $800/month (USD)

Popular features

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Starting at $3,600/month (USD)

Popular features

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Why benefits leaders love Abett

“No one else is even thinking about doing what you all are doing.”

Fortune 10 retailer, 2.3M employees

“Working with Abett has been perfect, flawless.”

Top 100 global retailer, 50k employees

“Abett is the best implementation I’ve ever had in my career.”

Top 3 telecom, 167K employees

“Abett’s software has become a mandatory tool. We have saved tens of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours.”

Employer cooperative, 4M employees

Let’s make your plan data work for you.