Introducing Lockbox™

An innovative new data solution empowering benefits teams to share data for the first time, strengthen compliance, get insights quickly, access brand new data, reduce legal liability, and more.

What is Lockbox?

Lockbox is a new data solution for benefits teams at large employers.
It combines with, or replaces, your existing data warehouse and has
3 components that are powerful alone but better together.

Data Exchange

Add this novel data exchange capability to any data warehousing solution, start sharing data and strengthening compliance, and unlock new efficiencies and cost savings.
Share any data quickly and easily

Lockbox makes the data that's stored in your data warehouse easily shareable with any entity you authorize.

Send eligibility files to save on benefits admin costs
Share data with point solutions to speed up implementations
Exchange it with other depts like Finance to automate programs
Strengthen compliance

Lockbox eliminates oversharing, its associated compliance risks, and tracks every vendor's interaction with the data you have shared.

Use robust, vendor-level filters to control what data is and isn't shared
Log vendor interaction with data to ensure clear chain of custody

Data Acquisition & Storage

Lockbox helps you obtain 100% of your plan data so you can meet your fiduciary responsibility under ERISA and access critical insights. Lockbox also provides secure data storage when warehousing is needed.
Fulfill your fiduciary responsibility

Abett makes the plan data you are legally required to obtain from carriers, per ERISA, accessible to you so you can fulfill your fiduciary responsibility.

Get unfettered access to 100% of your plan data for the first time
Leverage our legal knowledge and receive support gaining direct access to your data
Get logistical help for seamless data handling
Uncover new data and critical insights

Lockbox gives you new access to valuable data you haven't seen before to uncover new insights and better optimize programs.

Acquire financial and provider data combined together in a data set
Understand who the provider was, what was done, and what the cost was for every employee claim
Store your data securely

Lockbox gives you new access to valuable data you haven't seen before to uncover new insights and better optimize programs.

Get full-service data management (feed aggregation and data prep)
Get world-class protection from world-class data security

Data Analysis

Lockbox empowers your team to analyze data with your own tools like Tableau®, answer their daily questions quickly and easily, and get help with the harder and more complex problems.
Answer your questions fast

Lockbox integrates with any analytics or visualization tool of your choice so digging into data is a breeze for your busy team.

Analyze your data in Tableau®, Power BI®, Qlik®, Looker®, and more 
Ask new questions, spot trends, and identify opportunities quickly
Build visualizations easily with drag-and-drop simplicity
Tackle the hard problems

Lockbox provides reporting to help solve the big challenges of the day.

Spot surprise costs like GLP-1s as they start to occur
Hold point solutions to performance guarantees
Use our custom analytics services for HEOR consulting 

Key Features


The Universal Person ID (UPID) is an anonymous identifier that links all pertinent health data to an individual throughout their lifetime, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive health data profile while maintaining privacy. 


Real-Time Data Streamer (RTDS) captures and processes data instantaneously, providing employers with timely, relevant insights that are actionable and based on the most current information available. 


Lockbox’s Data Element Tracker (DET) monitors and records every interaction a user has with data within the system, providing robust measures to prevent unauthorized access or alterations, thereby ensuring data integrity and compliance. 


The FiltR empowers employers to selectively share data with vendors, ensuring that only necessary information is communicated and safeguarding against the oversharing of sensitive data. 


Lockbox is fully compliant with HIPAA. However, we go much further to ensure that sensitive data is protected with best-in-class security design and architecture.

HIPAA compliant and beyond

Lockbox complies with HIPAA regulations – both the HIPAA Security and Privacy rules. Abett  performs regular assessments against these compliance regulations, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and leading data security and privacy best practices. We maintain a SOC 2 Type 2 certification for the Security, Confidentiality, and Availability principles.

Cloud native design

Lockbox was architected from the ground up to follow cloud security best practices. It was built from the start to be a secure SaaS solution, following modern principles of least privilege, redundancy, and security by design. Security is not a bolt-on layer; rather strong security is our first principle.

Unique features

All employer data is encrypted from the moment it reaches Lockbox. All actions taken and all access of any kind to customer data is logged. And no data is sent from Lockbox to a vendor without an authorization from the employer.


From getting started with your data to providing data-driven insights, we’re here to empower your success every step of the way.


Obtaining your data is the crucial first step for any new customer. Our dedicated team, backed by legal expertise, excels in helping employers secure 100% of their benefits plan data from carriers and vendors without expense or delay.  Then, they get you onboarded to the Lockbox platform swiftly so you can harness the benefits right from the start.

Customer Care

We use a hands-on, personalized approach to ensure every customer’s experience is flawless. We offer a premium level of customer service and technical assistance, working closely with clients to address their specific needs, provide guidance and insight, and proactively resolve issues and challenges. 

Custom Analytics

Abett Professional Services extends beyond standard support, enhancing your Abett product experience to meet your changing needs. Our Health Economics and Outcomes Research team, with experts from renowned organizations like the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and Harvard, specializes in optimizing health plans to improve care and minimize.

Let's streamline your benefits data.