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Hold vendors accountable by bringing their data under your control.

No Implementations

Seamlessly add and switch vendors, at your command. Imagine an implementation-free benefits plan.

Take control of your healthcare and benefits data

We empower employers with innovative software to take control of their healthcare data and expedite their benefits strategy.
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Delivering transparency, competition, and accountability in healthcare.

We envision a world where everyone has access to high quality, affordable, and timely healthcare.
We build innovative solutions designed to deliver transparency, competition, and accountability to the healthcare system.

The world as it exists today.

  • Lots of secrets
  • Lots of implementations
  • Lots of problems

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  • No secrets
  • No implementations
  • No problems

Mandatory for Success

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The Abett software has fast become a mandatory tool in how we approach healthcare benefits. It has become the necessary infrastructure to enable HTA members to save tens of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of personnel hours across myriad complex benefits solutions and deployments. Abett vastly simplifies and accelerates the flow of our members’ plan data to vendors and point solutions such that our members can spend less time worrying about project management and implementation and focus on critical strategic initiatives that deliver value to their plan members and sponsors.”
Lee Lewis
Chief Strategy Officer, Health Transformation Alliance