A Better Way for Employers

“Abett is the best implementation we've ever had, and the best relationship ever.“
Vice President of Benefits
Fortune 500 employer

On April 20, 2023, the Director of Benefits at a Fortune 100 employer contacted Abett’s Operations team. He needed a new connection with a new vendor. Prior to his outreach, Abett was unaware of the vendor’s existence, and vice versa.

Six days later, the connection and testing were complete. The vendor had access to eligibility and appropriate claims data.

On May 1, 2023, just eleven days after an initial introduction, the vendor’s service went live.

Welcome to a future free of implementations.

“I am beyond excited you are able to make this happen so easily for us. This would have been a nightmare trying to get all of these data feeds from the vendors!”

Senior Benefits Manager

Fortune 250 employer

“We can systematically track and measure dozens of vendors. This is the control we need.”

Senior Benefits Manager

Fortune 20 employer