A Better Future

Everyone outside of the healthcare industry assumes data must easily flow between partners, just like it does in nearly every other industry.

Everyone inside the healthcare industry knows data doesn’t flow. Abett is fixing that problem. Our product ensures that data flows to consumers, and in particular, large employers and plan sponsors.

We believe that large employers, armed with tools like the Lockbox, will change the way this world works. We are excited to be part of that journey.

Abett is a venture-backed company based in Seattle, Washington.

Abett's founder, Mike Hanlon, was the 7th employee at Amazon.com, working there from 1995 to 2001. Hanlon also has a PhD in Economics. After Amazon.com, he was a professor at the University of Washington, in the Schools of Medicine and Public Health. He led research teams that used machine learning to create new models of patient-level risk adjustment, for which he and his team won national awards.

Hanlon was inspired to create Abett after working with a large employer and observing its struggles to obtain and manage healthcare data. Abett's staff consists of talented professionals with experience at firms like Amazon.com and Microsoft, and from leading academic institutions.